Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Britnee Turns ONE

Its always crazy to me how fast my kids grow up. Britnee turned one In January and as you can see the time has gone on with out me blogging about my kids. Britnee was the one special little spirit that was needed in out home to make us complete. After we had Jaren we thought we were done. How can you go wrong with 2 boys and 2 girls. I just knew that about after 2 years that there was one more waiting to come. Once we decided it didn't take long before we knew that there was no going back. Britnee was born January 26, 2010. She weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces. 20 inches long She was a perfect addition to our now Family of SEVEN geesh that sounds like a lot of us. Ryan has always had that same look with all of his kiddos. The look of pure Love. It always amazes me how you can instantly fall in love over and over again.

Our coming home!

Uncle Tyler he has always been great with the kids. But he said that she is tooo small. She does look tiny in his arms.

Britnee learning to hold her head up. WOW were did that tiny baby go. I have always love this picture.

Her first lick of Ice Cream. We went to Yellowstone National Park and that is were she had her first taste.

This was Christmas Day. She was so funny. She finally got to get on Jarens new car and thought she was hilarious. Looks like she has her bags and is ready to go.

Always finding some place to relax while all the kids are at school. It gets pretty quiet when it is just her and me.

I had decided that since she was my last baby and my last first birthday we were going to make it a big deal. So we had the whole family over for chicken, salads, rolls, cake and ice cream for her birthday. I thought that this cake fit her to a "T" she is a little on the Princess side of the spectrum.

This is the finished products her cupcakes and Princess cake.

Grandma gave her a cute little baby doll for her birthday. She loves babies.

I think that this was her first taste of icing. Cause the look on her face is kinda funny.

After looking at these pictures she has sure grown up since we had our pictures done. I guess it is time to up date them. But i thought that this was cute any way.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kenadee's 12th Birthday

I know my last post was in September and it is now February. So i will just post some of the most important events that have happened in our lives. Kenadee turned 12. Wow how the time has gone so quickly. I am amazed at how are kids all look so alike. This is Kenadee and it looks like Britnee. I guess that is a good thing. But just looking at the baby pictures i have a hard time telling them all apart.
Kenadee has turned into a beautiful young women. I am not sure how that happened because i didn't think that i was that old. But here is the proof. She is my life saver. I feel bad that being the oldest there is a lot of responsibility's that is placed on the oldest like always having to be the one that sets the example for all the other kids, Having to babysit all the time so Ryan and i can go on dates. They are suppose to be the one that makes sure everyone else is doing what they are suppose to be doing. When Ryan was gone to North Dakota she was the one that had to take on all the other responsibilities like being the sound board for me when things were tuff. She is a great strength to me and i couldn't have asked for a better kid. how grateful we are to have been blessed with such a great kid. I know that i don't tell her enough how grateful i am for her. We love her and is so blessed.
She has a great sense of humor and can come back with the funniest thing. It always take me a few days to have some thing to say back. So she didn't get her smarts for me.
I think that the next time we have to go shopping i will take Dallin with me again. He picked out this outfit for Kenadee. I think that he did a pretty darn good job.
Emalee so proud of the gift for Kenadee. A water bottle.

Crazy to think that she is in Young Womens now. GEESH!!!

She wanted a Volley ball Birthday Cake so this was the best that i could come up with.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Kenadee.

Friday, September 17, 2010


This year Dallin is Playing Grid Kid Football. It is really scary but fun to watch him play. Some times it is really hard not to be a mom that is too vocal. I would hate to embarrass my child. Dallin is having a good time playing. They won their last game. Dallin is a line backer, kick off return, and kick off. So he gets a lot of play time. When they first started they didn't have there jerseys so on the back of Dallins it said Jr Gonzalas. That was kinda fun. But it sure made it hard to know who's kids are who. He has a couple of games left of the season. So wish them luck.

Jaren started preschool this year. I wasn't so sure that he was ready but i think that he will be fine. So far he is doing good. When i drop him off he cries but the teacher assured me that he doesn't cry for very long and then he decides that he is fine. It is kinda nice that it is just Britnee, Ryan and I for a couple of hours. Jaren and Emalee get home with in 30 min of each other. Jaren totally cracks me up he has quite the sense of humor. He is always doing something funny. First day of School.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School

WOW I am slow. Here it is any way. The kids started school in August 25. They were so excited. I really don't think that i am that old, But Kenadee informs me that i am that old. She is going into the 6th grade this year. She is really liking it. She is getting so big and getting so pretty. She is a wonderful helper to me. I told her that she couldn't go to school any more because what was i going to do with out her. I am so use to having her help me. But of course she told me no way. It is weird to think that she will be in Junior High next Year. HHHHHHAAAAAAAAA
Dallin is going into the 4th grade. Him and Kenadee are both in the Kershaw school. It is so weird to think that i have kids that are getting into the older schools. He is loving school. We really like his teacher. He is such a good kid and always very loving to me. That is nice that he likes me.

Emalee is in Kindergarten. Where has the time gone she is getting so big way to fast. She is a wonderful helper with Britnee also. I think that it is a good thing that my kids are great little helpers. There are days that it comes in very handy. She is really liking school.

On the first day of school for the Kindergartners the moms get to ride the bus with them. YAA for me. I am not sure why i did she told me that she didn't need me to. But we did it any way. I totally felt the love i am telling ya. WOW when do your kids realize that they don't need ya any more? I think she realized that it was a good thing because once we got there she was nervous, Because the older two are at the other school so there was no one to help her. But she has done great.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some needed UPDATES

So this is a pretty good story that i must tell. Kenadee and Dallin did their 4-H pigs this year and all they could talk about was getting a big blue Ribbon. This spring Valleywide gave away some fancy chickens. They were FREE all you had to do was raise them and then take them back at the time of the fair. Well Emalee kept saying that she wanted to show her Chicken. The other kids kept telling her that she didn't get to show her chicken. And of course if you know Emalee she would argue with them until she thought that she was right. WELL as you can see After we dropped the chickens off and came back the next day to feed all the animals that we had there There we found on one of Emalee's chickens was a GREAT BIG RIBBON. Kenadee and Dallin couldn't believe there eyes. They kept saying that it wasn't fair it is just a dumb chicken. BBBHHHAAAAAAA i thought that it was the funniest thing ever. Emalee was so proud of her Ribbon.I guess that teaches them.Dallin showing his Pig. They both did a great job.
Kenadee showing her pig.

This picture totally cracks me up, Jaren has decided that he is scared to ride in the buggy. So i thought that it would be funny to get a picture of him. I am not kidding when i say he screams like a girl. But you can tell that we are going pretty fast if you look at his hair.

And occasionally i have to pull the Buggy out and ride it around the yard.

One of the fun things that we did this summer is that we were invited up to Lovells cabin. That was a lot of fun. There is a water slide, a zip line, golfing and there was also two great big slides that come down the side of one of the hills. The kids had a lot of fun. This is Dallin coming down the slide We went with the Larsen's. Mandy, Britnee and I enjoying the sun.

Ryan decided that he wanted to have a little fun with the kids.

Kelton and Dallin racing down the slide. I am not sure who is having more fun.

Kenadee on the zip line.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Robinson Family Reunion

We had the annual Family reunion in Newdale with the Robinson's. It is always a good time, good food, and a good laugh. They always do the water balloons, then they had little crafts for the kids to do. And of Course Food to eat. I just had to post this picture I thought that the look on Cieras (spelling?)face was priceless.

I guess when you are the odd man out you are bound to get it from every direction. I don't think that you are ever to old to have your sisters love on you??? RIGHT. We all got a good laugh at the expense of Larid.

You just never know when it could be the last Family Photo. Sometime little moments like this are very priceless. We were all very happy to see Grandpa Robinson at the reunion. This is a wonderful group of people and i am very blessed to be able to call them my Family.

My Funny Honey:)

Sometime, every now and again, This crazy side of Ryan comes out. I just happen to be on the ball and had my camera close. Ryan was blowing up the tubes for swimming and the little electric blower that i had blew up. So Ryan thought that he would try to blow it up himself. Sometime i really can't believe how crazy that he is. Ryan has Church meetings in the morning before church. They must be really hard on him. He always comes home ready for a nap. Usually just in time to take one with Britnee.

The kids decided that they wanted to sleep out on the deck so we told them to go for it. Well of course when one decides they want to do it they all want to. These pictures are mixed up. So this one is in the morning. We were shocked that all 4 of them made it through the night.

The night Before. All snuggled in. Kenadee wanted to sleep on the deck with no mattress. the other 3 slept on the queen size air mattress. Ryan snuck out before they woke up to get the picture. I thought that they would have woke up when the sun came up. They didn't wow they made it thought the night.

Swimming Lessons/ CRAWLING

Well Here it is Britnee Crawling. Why do they have to grow up so fast? She just looks to small to be doing that. She is such a sweet baby. She was a nice finish to our family.
I know that this is a really bad picture. It is Kenadee at swimming lessons. We do swimming up at Green Canyon. It is for 1 week. They are in the class that starts at 9:00 am, so it goes for 1 hour then they have 1hour out then another hour in. It makes for a long week. But the kids really love it. Kenadee is doing so good.

Dallin always posing for the camera. I am surprised how much he has improved from last year. He is a little water bug also. They have so much.

This was Emalee's first year. I wondered if she would be scared or wouldn't go in. But it wasn't that way at all. She was so excited to get in the water every time. We had a fun week at swimming.