Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Britnee Turns ONE

Its always crazy to me how fast my kids grow up. Britnee turned one In January and as you can see the time has gone on with out me blogging about my kids. Britnee was the one special little spirit that was needed in out home to make us complete. After we had Jaren we thought we were done. How can you go wrong with 2 boys and 2 girls. I just knew that about after 2 years that there was one more waiting to come. Once we decided it didn't take long before we knew that there was no going back. Britnee was born January 26, 2010. She weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces. 20 inches long She was a perfect addition to our now Family of SEVEN geesh that sounds like a lot of us. Ryan has always had that same look with all of his kiddos. The look of pure Love. It always amazes me how you can instantly fall in love over and over again.

Our coming home!

Uncle Tyler he has always been great with the kids. But he said that she is tooo small. She does look tiny in his arms.

Britnee learning to hold her head up. WOW were did that tiny baby go. I have always love this picture.

Her first lick of Ice Cream. We went to Yellowstone National Park and that is were she had her first taste.

This was Christmas Day. She was so funny. She finally got to get on Jarens new car and thought she was hilarious. Looks like she has her bags and is ready to go.

Always finding some place to relax while all the kids are at school. It gets pretty quiet when it is just her and me.

I had decided that since she was my last baby and my last first birthday we were going to make it a big deal. So we had the whole family over for chicken, salads, rolls, cake and ice cream for her birthday. I thought that this cake fit her to a "T" she is a little on the Princess side of the spectrum.

This is the finished products her cupcakes and Princess cake.

Grandma gave her a cute little baby doll for her birthday. She loves babies.

I think that this was her first taste of icing. Cause the look on her face is kinda funny.

After looking at these pictures she has sure grown up since we had our pictures done. I guess it is time to up date them. But i thought that this was cute any way.


Annie Allen said...

This is so precious! What a sweet tribute... I am loving the princess cake and cupcakes. Sav is in love too. And now we're both wondering if you take orders?! She seems to think she should have the same fancy cake for her birthday. =) Way to set the standard up there, SUPER MOM!!!

Stacey Jensen said...

I totally love your family. Can't believe that the littlest one is already a year old. How time flies. We love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

not long now honey and that sweet bald cunnie will be ready for fun

Anonymous said...

she was ready long ago, my girls al got "play" from soon after birth, had daddys goo long before baby cereal, lovely soft, warm, wet, gummy mouth sucking you feels amazing you blow real quick